A Celebration of Nature – in words and music

A Celebration of Nature

Join us for a celebration of the natural world in two halves:

  • The Long Arc by Robin Walter, poems on trees, our estrangement from nature, and an invocation of the elements, with projected images and recorded music.
  • Jump by Karen Wimhurst, a solo piece for clarinets, backing tracks and the sounds of insects and amphibians.

The Long Arc by Robin Walter


‘The Long Arc’ consists of 3 pieces of writing on environmental themes, accompanied by recorded music and visual images.

‘Arbor Vitae’ is a poetic version of my book ‘Living With Trees’, with images by Juliet Wimhurst.
‘cleave’ is a collection of poems tracing our estrangement from nature, our enslavement on the treadmill of ‘progress’, and how we might address this.
‘Invocation’ is an invitation to the four elements, in their benign forms, to come to us and enrich our lives, set to the famous music of Barber’s Adagio.

Robin Walter is a forester and writer living in Dorset. His tree work over the last 30 years has included climbing, felling, management and consultancy. His publications include Living With Trees (Little Toller 2020) and a poetic version of the book published in Evolving The Forest (art.earth 2020). These explore our relationship with trees as a portal to the wider natural world. His poems have been included in Tears in the Fence journal.


Jump by Karen Wimhurst


Once upon a time in a meadow far away . . . the joint was jumping with life. Insects were calling, frogs croaking, the sounds of summer. This symphony of small voices is rapidly being silenced.  This music is for live and multitracked clarinets, insect and amphibian calls. Its lyricism, jagged rhythms, and improvisation lead to a place where we can all trill, whirr, croak and chirrup for joy. Let’s jump right into the living world with the best of them, before it’s too late.

Karen is a well-known composer and clarinettist working throughout the UK and beyond.


When: Thursday 29th February 2024. Doors open from 7pm, concert begins at 7.30pm.

Where: The Studio, Arundells, Cathedral Close, Salisbury.
Tickets: £15

Additional Details

There is no parking at Arundells, we recommend using city centre car parks.

All tickets are non refundable but you are very welcome to pass them on to friends or family if you are unable to attend.

Events in the Studio are kindly sponsored by Wilsons Solicitors.

29 February 2024 - 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


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